New Plumbing Rough In

For more than a decade, Summit Drain has been proudly serving Ottawa and the surrounding area with outstanding plumbing maintenance and repairs for homeowners. Whether your plumbing project is part of a new build or an existing home, there’s no substitute for a properly installed plumbing rough-in.

What Is a Plumbing Rough-In?

A plumbing rough-in is the term used for a certain stage of home construction or home renovation before your plumbing fixtures are connected to service. At this point, a plumber will install your water pipes and your drain pipes in the specific locations you need to make your newly renovated room operational. Plumbers will expertly and safely build specific lengths of piping, drilling holes through studs and subfloors to ensure an easy installation.

Plumbing rough-ins are always good to have especially if you have an unfinished basement. Simply having the rough-in ready to go makes it easier for you to renovate your home a few years from now. A rough-in can also make your home more appealing when it’s up for sale, with prospective buyers noting that finishing the basement will be a much easier project to undertake.

New Plumbing Rough In Ottawa

Buildings We Service for Plumbing Rough-Ins

Summit Drain conveniently offers plumbing rough-in services for all building types across the Ottawa region including new construction homes and existing homes undergoing renovation, for which we offer free estimates for your convenience.

We also offer rough-in services for condominiums and other highrise buildings. We always advise that our potential clients contact us early in the construction and design process so we can plan your plumbing rough-in needs accordingly.

Plumbing Rough-In Services Ottawa

Our team specializes in a wide array of plumbing rough-in services including:

  • Bathroom Rough-In Plumbing
  • Toilet Rough-In Plumbing
  • Basement Plumbing Rough-In
  • Shower Plumbing Rough-In
  • Bathtub Plumbing Rough-In
  • New Construction Plumbing Rough-In
bathroom New Plumbing Rough In ottawa

Why Choose Summit Drain Plumbing Services

New home construction or renovation can be a stressful process and that’s why we promise all of our clients quality service and plumbers who show up to your home with a positive attitude. Our number one priority is your satisfaction and to get the job done exactly to your desired specifications. With more than 10 years of experience doing plumbing rough-ins in basements, bathrooms, and more, we can offer valuable insight into the best placement and installation for all types of plumbing. Our team will take the time to understand your vision so we can follow through accordingly. There are no bad questions and we will take the time to answer all of yours with great consideration.

Need A Plumber?

Our crews always make appointments on time and greet you with a smile. We believe in open communication about every stage of the plumbing rough-in process. Ask us more about our industry-leading warranties on parts and services. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to meet all of your plumbing emergency needs. If you’re looking for a reliable plumber to deliver first-class service for all of your plumbing needs, Summit Drain & Plumbing is the company you need to contact.

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