Backup Sump Pump Installation

Many older homes in Ottawa are vulnerable to power outages especially when a major storm hits. This may affect your sump pump and cause it to malfunction. That’s why Summit Drain offers backup sump pump installation in Ottawa. With over 10 years of experience, you can trust our team for premium installation services so you can be prepared all year long.

sump pump installation Ottawa

Why You Need Backup Sump Pump Installation

It’s important to have a sump pump backup in case your main sump pump encounters any issues.

The Ottawa area experiences heavy rainfall from time to time, and the sump pumps in older homes may get overwhelmed or stop working.

You need a battery backup sump pump if you experience:

  • Main Sump Pump Breaks Down – if your main sump pump isn’t functioning properly and the power source is still on a sump pump battery backup will ensure water is still diverted away from your home until you can replace the main sump pump.
  • Main Pump is Overwhelmed – if your main pump is unable to continue running on its own due to overwhelming amounts of water, your backup pump can take over. This will ensure that your home is still protected.
  • Power Outages – if the power runs out in your home, your will also stop working. Our sump pumps are battery-operated and can step in during unforeseen events.
  • Heavy Rainfall – it’s important to have backup sump pump options, especially if you live in an older home or in an area that experiences a higher water table. Heavy rainfall can cause major flooding and overwhelm the main sump pump.

If you experience any of these concerns, it may be time to consider installing our battery backup sump pump.

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Sump pump installation Ottawa

Our Backup Sump Pump Services

We offer high-quality battery backup sump pump services for your home. This way, you and your family can be fully prepared in the case of a major storm or heavy flooding when the main sump may be overwhelmed. Even in older homes, rest assured that Summit Drain is here to install preventative measures to keep the water level down.

If you need a main sump pump replacement or a new sump pump installation, we can also help.

What You Get with Summit Drain 

With over 10 years of experience, Summit Drain is a leader in reliable plumbing and drain services in Ottawa. We specialize in a wide range of services including everything from backup sump pump installation to sewer line replacement. When you work with our team of specialists, you can expect:

Top-tier customer service 

Licensed professionals

24-7 emergency services 

Honest and fair rates

Prevent Wet Basements with Summit Drain

Experience the difference when you work with an accomplished team like ours at Summit Drain. With our team of professionals, we guarantee exceptional backup sump pump installation services. We’re here to help keep water levels down and remove excess moisture. Discover more basement waterproofing solutions.

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