Window Well Installation

For homeowners in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, making sure their basement is waterproof and secure is crucial. An essential preventive measure is installing window wells properly. A reputable local company, Summit Drain, provides all-inclusive solutions to protect your house from future water damage.

Are Basement Window Wells Important?

Basement window wells are more than just hollow spaces dug around windows; they have a very important function. These wells serve as a buffer against future floods by keeping water from penetrating into your basement and causing a flood. By selecting Summit Drain for your window well installation in Ottawa, you’re making a secure and dry basement investment.

Correct installation of window wells can prevent water buildup, structural damage, and even the growth of mould in homes. With Summit Drain’s experience, you can be certain that your window wells are positioned properly, preventing common problems from arising from poor installations.

Our Window Well Installation Services in Ottawa

We prioritize a rigorous approach to ensure the effectiveness of our solutions:

  • Cleaning Debris: To guarantee a spotless and appropriate place for the installation, we begin by removing any debris from the surrounding area.
  • New Window Well Drainage: To prolong the life of your window well, Summit Drain installs effective drainage systems to divert water away from your basement window.
  • Installation of Window Wells: Our team of professionals make sure that window wells are installed correctly, sealing any possible openings and offering a strong barrier against water intrusion and ensuring your basement window well drainage is well functioning.

New Window Well Installation Process


On-Site Assessment

Taking into account elements like soil type and landscape, Summit Drain performs on-site assessments to determine the unique requirements of your house.



Our staff will carefully excavate the exterior of older homes to create a suitable space for the installation, if it is determined during the assessment that it is necessary.


Window Well Drainage

By using dependable drainage systems, we make sure that water is effectively diverted away from your basement and reduce the possibility of water damage.


Installation of Window Wells

To ensure a dry basement, the basement window well installation procedure is carried out precisely, taking into account its particular features.



Extensive testing is carried out following installation to confirm the window well and drainage system’s efficacy.

Safety and Code Compliance

Summit Drain takes pride in being dependable local experts that follow local laws and put safety first.

Our window well installations give you peace of mind by protecting your house and adhering to all safety requirements.

Trust Your Local Ottawa Window Well Installers

Summit Drain provides specialized solutions to deal with and avoid possible problems associated with wet basements. You can rely on us to install window wells locally in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Make an appointment for an on-site evaluation with Summit Drain right now to protect your house from the possibility of water damage. You can also look through our plumbing and drain services for more details on basement waterproofing.