Ottawa Plumber Rates

How Much Does a Plumber Cost in Ottawa

Whether you’re in need of an emergency repair or something less urgent, our team at Summit Drain and Plumbing is here for your convenience. We offer competitive pricing on all types of plumbing services so that no matter what level problem arises – from clogged drains to burst pipes – we will give fair value without any hidden costs! So here is the answer how much does a plumber cost in Ottawa;

Faucets installation costs Ottawa

Faucets Installation costs:

  • Installation of Kitchen Sink Faucets $220
  • Installing a Hand Sink Single Handle Faucet $220
  • Installing a Hand Sink Three Piece Faucet $285
  • Installation of Bathtub Shower Faucets $550
  • Installing Touchless Hand Sink Faucet $350
  • Installation of Bathtub Free Stand Faucets $650
Sink installation costs Ottawa

Sink installation costs:

  • Installation of Kitchen Sinks Or Hook Up to Drains  $395
  • Installation of Double Sink or Hook Up to Drains $445
  • Installation of Floor Mounted Hand Sinks with Cabinets or hook up to drain $375
  • Installation of Wall Mounted Hand Sinks With Cabinets $745
Toilet installation costs Ottawa

Toilets installation and repair costs:

  • Toilet Installation $220
  • Toilet Tank Repairing Kit $170
Bathtubs installation costs Ottawa

Bathtubs & Showers installation costs:

  • Installation of Bathtubs $950
  • Installation of Drop-In Bathtubs $999
  • Installation of a Free Stand Bathtub $1350
  • Installation of Shower Panels $550
  • Installation of Shower Base $600
  • Rough-In Per Piece for Each Unit $950
Shut-off valves installation cost Ottawa

Shut-off Valves installation cost:

  • Installing New Main Shut-Off Valves ½” – $350
  • Installing New Main Shut-Off Valves ¾” – $400
Drain services rates Ottawa

Drain Service Rates:

  • Unclogging Hand Sinks in Residential Locations $220
  • Unclogging Main Drains Through Accessible Cleanouts $350
  • Unclogging Main Drains Through Toilet Flange with Toilet Reinstallation $450
  • Using Snakes to Unclog Kitchen Sinks $350
  • Unclogging Showers with Snakes $220
  • Using a Snake to Unclog a Tub $220
  • Main drain camera inspection $350
  • Leak/Source of smell Investigation $180
  • Plumbing Related Service Calls (Labor Only) per hour $80
  • Back-Up Pump with a battery $1850 parts and labour
  • Replace Sump Pump (for labour only) $350
Kitchen plumbing rate Ottawa

Kitchen plumbing rates:

  • Dishwasher Installations $350
  • Ice Maker for Fridge $300
  • Kitchen drain repair Brass $280
  • Kitchen drain repair ABS $250

Other Plumbing Services in Ottawa

  • Underground Trenchless Drain Repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Underground Waterline Replacement
  • Full or Partial Main Drain Replacement

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