Lead Pipe Replacement

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Why Lead is Toxic

Many older homes and apartment complexes may still have lead pipes in the walls. Homes built before 1950 usually had lead pipes to distribute water. Over time, scientists realized that this type of piping had a significant increase in the number of cases of cancer and other illnesses. 

In addition to lead piping, many homes later into the 20th century were built using lead to fuse pipes together. Today, homeowners are taking steps to remove lead piping in homes and replace it with copper piping. This is a safer option that does not run the risk of causing illness.

It should be easy to identify if you have lead pipes in your home. If they’re not painted, then they should be a soft or dull grey colour. You can also test by running a coin or knife along the edge of the pipe. If you see a shiny metal survey emerge, then it is most likely lead pipes. You may also notice that the diameter of the pipe is not uniform, unlike plastic or copper piping. 

Check your kitchen sink or other area where water enters the home. These areas will have exposed pipes that can easily be tested at home.

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New Copper Lines Installation

Benefits of Copper Pipes

Have you wondered what the best solution is to replace lead water pipes? Copper is now the most trusted in the industry. Unlike lead water pipes, copper is corrosion-resistant, making it the superior choice over galvanized steel, which can leak and break. 

Copper is also a lightweight material, making it easier to install while still being able to withstand 1,000 psi. This means copper pipe can be installed without the need for additional support, which can add to the cost of installation.

Copper piping also offers the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly than options like plastic pipes. Unlike plastic pipes, which create a large level of emissions during the manufacturing process, copper piping is created in a more natural and green process.

Homeowners will also appreciate that copper piping is less expensive compared to other pipe options, so you can see a faster return on your investment.

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Lead is Dangerous to Children

Another reason to consider replacing lead pipes in homes is the high level of toxicity to children. Lead pipes can leach into the water as they get older and corrode. This puts children at high risk for lead poisoning, which can lead to severe illness and even death. 

Even minor exposure can have irreversible and long-term effects on a child’s health. 

Some of the most common side effects from lead poisoning in children include:

  • damage to the brain and nervous system
  • slowed growth and development
  • learning and behaviour problems
  • hearing and speech problems

This is why it’s critical to have your pipes inspected to ensure your children are not being exposed to toxins or other dangerous chemicals as a result of having lead pipes.

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Why Choose Summit Drain & Plumbing for Lead Pipe Replacement

Summit Drain and Plumbing is committed to providing your family with the safest drinking and cleaning water. If you suspect you have lead pipes or are ready to replace your lead piping, then contact our team of experts.

We will be able to provide you with the right information and solutions to ensure you have safe piping in your home.

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