Backwater Valve Installation

Backwater Valve Installation ottawa

Backwater Valve Installation in Ottawa

Safeguarding one’s home against damage is a top priority for homeowners. A top threat that comes to mind is flooding. Not only can the rainwater seep into your home, but plumbing lines can become overwhelmed, leading water to flow back into your home. A backwater valve prevents this and should be considered especially if your home is in a lower-ground region or located close to a body of water.

Summit Drain and Plumbing is happy to help keep your home protected from flooding. We offer professional plumbing services, including backwater valve installation in Ottawa.

Our Backwater Valve Services Include


Severe damage to homes flooded in Ottawa

As flooding has become more common in Ottawa, our team is able to intervene in cases where there is severe damage to your home. That includes repairing and draining your plumbing system.


Guaranteed one-way flow from your residence to the sewer system

Having water flow into your home from the sewer system is unpleasant. By installing our backwater valve, you can be sure that water flows away from your home and floodwater will not come through the sewer system.


Preventing sewage backup during heavy rain or flooding

Not only is it important that contaminated water doesn’t come into your home, but it is also necessary for water to be able to flow out of your home without hindrance.


Installation near storm drainage line

We place our backwater valves close to storm drainage lines so that floodwater, debris, and other contaminants flowing through the pipes stay as far from your home as possible, minimizing the damage to your pipes.

Backwater Valve Installation Cost

The backwater valve installation cost is approx. $2,600. Plumbing systems are complex and need specialized care. The cost also includes the city permits that will be required to install the valve.

Backwater Valve Solutions for Ottawa

The mainline backwater valve ensures that water isn’t flowing in the wrong direction and contaminating your clean water. The damage from rainwater during a flood is awful to deal with. Installing a backwater valve prevents further water damage by preventing additional water, that is likely contaminated, from coming through your plumbing lines.

The smell and health hazard created by the backflow of sewage is not something anyone wants to deal with. A backwater valve installed by our experienced team can prevent this disaster. If your home has a high or low elevation, our valves will ensure that your sewer lines do not become clogged in the event of a flood.

Backwater Valve Installation Cost

Ottawa’s Protective Plumbing Rebate Program

Due to the flooding issues in Ottawa, the city now requires that backwater valves be installed in every home. If you are a homeowner in Ottawa, there is no need to worry about the cost of installing backwater valves.

Ottawa’s Residential Protective Plumbing Program (RPPP) helps cover the cost of preventative measures homeowners take against flooding, including backwater valve installation.

Prevent Flood Issues Before They Start

Look no further than Summit Drain & Plumbing for the backflow preventer sewer system your home needs. We’ve been helping homeowners keep flood issues at bay. Take action and protect your home before the worst happens. Get in touch with Summit Drain & Plumbing today to install a backwater valve that will minimize water damage by keeping your water flowing out of the sewer system and not the other way around. Got questions? Great!

Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.