Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection

Drain Camera Inspection in Ottawa

Summit Drain and Plumbing is a leading plumbing company based in Ottawa. Although we are experts in tackling various plumbing emergencies, we believe that prevention is far better than cure when it comes to protecting you and your home, especially in Ottawa. One of the services we offer is drain and sewer camera inspection.

This is to keep your pipes in good working order so that you catch any drain and sewer issues before there is a disastrous blockage or overflow situation.

Our Drain Camera Services Include

Early detection of potential drain problems – Our cameras are able to note areas in the drain or sewer system where drainage might be an issue. We can then intervene before you even register that there was an issue to begin with.

Prevention of larger drain or sewer problems – We are also able to see where there is buildup or obstruction. This is usually due to tree roots, items that shouldn’t have been flushed, or normal buildup that occurs over time.

Detecting problems without property damage or excavation – Instead of a lot of guesswork that is costly, time-consuming, and damaging to your property, we are able to quickly isolate the problem through our cameras.

Drain Camera Inspection Cost

Our standard drain and sewer line camera inspection cost is $350. We use the video camera footage for our own maintenance and diagnostic purposes, but you are welcome to access it.

It is available upon request. Please note that obtaining this footage is subject to additional fees.

Drainage Solutions for Ottawa

Ottawa residents can be assured that Summit Drain and Plumbing can solve any sewer or drainage issues they may come across.


Water damage in the house

Whether there is a leak or backup in your pipes that is bringing water into your house, we quickly find and fix the problem to minimize the damage.


Broken sewer lines

Our cameras can detect broken sewer lines, whether they have deteriorated over time or have been compromised by blockages or extreme weather conditions such as flooding.


Collapsed sewer lines

We also handle instances when sewer lines collapse due to misalignment or surrounding leaks that have slowly eroded the lines.


Slow drainage

If you find that your pipes are draining more slowly than usual, our drain camera inspection finds the source of the blockage. We can then work to resume normal flow.


Clogged sewers

Our camera inspection system also helps us to discover whether clogged sewers are due to backups, blockages, or overflowing so that we can quickly provide a solution for you.

Prevent Drainage Problems Before They Start

Plumbing camera inspections are the way to go. When you come across issues in your plumbing system that prevent clean water from coming in and used water from flowing out efficiently, time is of the essence. The longer the problem exists, the more costly the repair will be. Instead of waiting for an emergency to occur, use our cost-effective, time-efficient, and less invasive camera inspection process to catch concerns before they become bigger issues.

Contact us today to get started on your inspection.