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Weather, age, and usage are just some of the things that can affect the performance of your water and sewer lines. Regular inspection and maintenance can make sure that your lines are working properly. Summit Drain specializes in advanced sewer and drains line repair.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction which is why we are Nepean’s number one trusted line repair company. We provide friendly and professional emergency and same-day repairs so you never have to worry about having to scramble to find qualified repair experts. No matter if you have frozen pipes, leaks, cracks, or just require the installation of new lines, our team is there when you need us.

Water & Drain Line Services

Water and drain lines should only be repaired by fully licensed technicians. The team at Summit Drain have the experience and knowledge to make repairs for all kinds of drainage and waterline scenarios. Before we begin work, we provide a detailed quote outlining the cause of any water or drain line problems.

This is because we always do a complete inspection of the lines to ensure we are targeting the right spot for repairs or cleaning. We also use the latest no-dig technology to complete the job so you never have to worry about your lawn being destroyed by equipment.

Drain Line Repair

There are many things that can clog your drains, causing them to back up and flood your home. One of the most common problems is disposable wipes which can block water flow and make it impossible for drain lines to work.

Debris, grease, and residue can also wreak havoc with your drain lines. Our drain line repair solutions blast through clogs and keep water flowing away from your home.

Water Line Repair

Underground water lines can be difficult to inspect without the right equipment. That’s why homeowners in Nepean trust Summit Drain. We have the latest inspection technology to ensure that your water line repair work is done right. Tree roots, and changes in temperature and age can cause water lines to break and crack, causing significant flooding in and around your home. It is important to regularly inspect water lines to identify any risks for damage.

Our licensed technicians can do a full inspection of your water line plumbing to make sure there are no weak points or leaks that could lead to more complex problems. We then make the necessary repairs to protect your home and property from flooding.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

In the past, a repair to a water or sewer line would mean having to do significant damage to your property and lawn. This is no longer the case with the most advanced no-dig repair solutions in the industry.

Nepean homeowners rely on Summit Drain to do a clean and damage-free job of making repairs to their home’s sewer lines. Our experts in trenchless sewer line repair are always available to discuss if this option is right for your home.

Frozen Pipes

There is nothing more frustrating than frozen pipes. They keep water from flowing properly and can crack or break under pressure. In fact, with more than 3000 psi running through your pipes, the cold can easily trigger a rupture that can lead to flooding and damage in your home.

Our technicians can make sure your pipes are insulated the way they should be and protected from the cold’s harsh effects. We can do a general inspection to ensure that your pipes are not at risk of damage and provide you with effective solutions to keep them from freezing in the winter.

Leaking Pipes

Finding the source of a leaking pipe can be tricky. A leak can be found anywhere along the line, sometimes buried underground. This can lead to thousands of dollars in damage if it is not fixed in time.

We can identify the source of your sewer line or drain leak, then do a trenchless repair without having to dig up your lawn. You can detect a leak in your line by a sudden increase in your water bill, discolored water, or changes in water pressure.

Low Water Pressure

As we mentioned, low water pressure is a sign that there may be leaks or problems with your sewer or drainage lines. Low water pressure can be due to a variety of factors. Pipe leaks, clogged drains, or changes to your municipal water system.

Your Summit technician can quickly identify the cause of deflated water levels and make the right repairs to bring power back to the maximum in kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas of your house.

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Plumbing Replacement & Installation

The technicians at Summit Drain offer experienced plumbing replacement and installation services. As your local plumber, we specialize in sink pipes leaking, trenchless pipe repair, and trenchless sewer line repair so when it’s time to update your lines, you can feel confident knowing you are working with a team who knows how to do the job right.

Our technicians can identify the problem, offer affordable and permanent solutions, and get the job done on time and on budget.