Local Plumber Barrhaven

Imagine this: you walk into your bathroom to see a pool of water surrounding your toilet. Not good! It could be an appliance issue or a clogged pipe. When you turn on the water, there is barely enough pressure to get the germs off. How frustrating! Whether it be problems with your pipes, water pressure, or toilet issues, the team at Summit Drain and Plumbing is here to help.

We have 10 years of experience under our belt in the Ottawa area, and we have expanded our services into Barrhaven. So, if you live in Barrhaven and need a local plumber, we should be your number-one choice. Here’s why!

Water & Drain Line Services

While we can certainly help you with your water line and piping, we are more than equipped to fix drain line issues too. If you notice any water drainage issues from your appliances, like a bathtub or toilet, we can find the problem and offer a long-lasting solution.

Sometimes these issues can arise because other contractors didn’t properly install your plumbing in the first place. We know this is beyond frustrating, which is why we are here to correct these mishaps, and we make sure they won’t happen again.

Drain Line Repair

Whether the cause is chunks of food, the weather, or wear and tear, we can tackle any drain line issue you’re experiencing. Oftentimes, when people hear or think about repairing their sewer or drain line, soil, and shovels may come to mind.

We’re here to put your mind at ease because we try our best to avoid this mess and hassle. Even if it is needed, we keep it minimal and organized.

Water Line Repair

For a water line repair, we use a trenchless method. We will recommend this option for you if your house needs an update for its older materials, and additions, like adding washrooms or a kitchen, and a broken water line.

When the project is done, we ensure that we clean up your home. We fill in any holes, get rid of excess debris, refinish basement floors, and even do an inspection.

Sewer pipe repair Ottawa

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Our process includes completely evaluating your drainage system, finding the issue, creating a game plan to find the best solution, and project managers who are seasoned in protecting people’s landscapes.

Thanks to this, we often use a trenchless sewage pipe repair method, which is more sustainable with minimal impact.

Frozen Pipes

A frozen pipe may be one of the worst issues to experience – if pipes reach 20F inside a house, they can burst, causing widespread water damage. We know this sounds stressful, so our team is here to take care of the issue for you.

If your pipes have not already burst, then we will come in and apply a heat gun which will aim to thaw them. The goal of this is to prevent your pipes from exploding. Additionally, we will do an inspection to find the cause of your frozen pipes and offer a long-term solution to fix it.

Leaking Pipes

A clogged water line, water damage, or broken piping are all causes of leaking pipes. If you call us with a leaking pipe issue, our first mission will be to find the cause, as a clogged water line requires a different solution than a broken pipe.

Our dedicated team will use specified tools to unclog your pipes, or if a pipe is broken, we will replace it with brand-new materials.

Low Water Pressure

When getting rid of waste or food, it’s crucial to follow a plumber’s best practices, like not putting grease down the drain of your kitchen sink. Why? Over time, this grease can build up. Not only can it cause drainage issues, but water pressure problems too.

Dirt, sand, solid grease or oil, or chunks of food can all be culprits. But with our team’s expertise and a decade’s worth of experience, we will find the cause and get your water pressure back to normal.

Plumbing Replacement & Installation

We are more than happy to fix individual problems, but we cover entire system maintenance, replacements, and installation too. These services can include sewer line replacement, trenchless water line replacement, trenchless sewer line repair, plumbing rough-in for a new system, installation of sump pumps, and the installation of weeping styles. No matter what your issue may be, we have the solution.